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The Challenge of Collecting Born Digital Material at a National Institution

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National Library of Israel
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spoken paper
26 Sept Monday
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LoC Madison Building: West Dining Rm.

The National Sound Archives of Israel receives born-digital material from various sources:
1. Donations – privately made recordings of mostly traditional music in various formats, which is usually brought on USB flash drives or other digitized devices
2. Digital copies of private or public analogue recordings.
3. Born-digital popular music produced and distributed in Israel, mainly by Linkton and Patephon
4. Born-digital art music composed using music notation software and performed by a computer.

The material varies in length, quality and sources. The collection of born-digital material presents many challenges. Firstly, national discography or catalogues of born-digital material are not yet available, and secondly, although the distribution of Born Digital popular music began in 2009, the library, however, has begun collecting it only in 2016, and the gap needs to be addressed.

The issues that need to be addressed are similar to those of collecting analogue material, but with different procedures, which include new preservation and cataloguing techniques, and provision of Access.