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NRKs new radio archive – from the journalist to the public, using semantic technology

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NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
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Ms Maja Wettmark
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spoken paper
26 Sept Monday
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LoC Madison Building: Montpelier Rm.

NRK is the national Public Service Broadcaster of Norway and has a radio archive with material from the 1920's and forward. In the late 1990's we started a collaboration with the National Library to digitize the Radio archive. Today, everything is digitized and available for the journalists and archivists. The old tapes are stored at the national Library's storage with optimized temperature and humidity.
NRK has now rebuilt the radio archive (file storage, metadata storage, integrations and user interface) - migrating data from the old system, collecting from the active production systems and basing the development on semantic technology.

The workflow has changed totally in just few years – now the journalist produce the metadata, as part of the editorial work. The metadata flows directly to the archive along with the sound file, and the same metadata and sound is immediately available for the public in NRKs web player.

In the new archive both journalists and archivists can edit and republish metadata and sound to the archive and the web player.